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Compassionate PAINLESS dental services, PERIOD!

Get personalized patient care from Advanced Dental Design. We perform all areas of dentistry right in our own office from hygiene to fillings to dentures to complete cosmetic and and functional makeovers. Also root canal, implant placement and restoration, and Invisalign and more!

We can place dental implants to replace missing teeth with the most advanced technique today. Our steps include:  

Easy and painless implant placement

CEREC restorations provide supreme bonding, require less preparation, and preserve your tooth structure.

Advantage of CEREC crowns and bridges

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"I only had a cleaning done but if needed I wouldn't hesitate to have work done by Dentist John Cimini. My teeth feel great. Thank you."

- Gayle Steele

Single visit root canal

Root canal can be frustrating spanning over several appointments with visits to specialists and temporary fillings. We perform root canal in a single visit and also place a permanent crown at the same appointment. No impressions, no temporaries and only one time needed to be numb.

Safe, effective 3D digital radiography

  • Detects infection or pathology that require attention

  • 50-70% less radiation than conventional X-rays

  • Enhances images for better diagnosis of concerns

  • Find cavities while they are still very small

  • Can treat small cavities minimally

Rely on our expert denture services

  • We only fabricate the highestQuality dentures

  • Full or partial dentures

  • Flexible comfortable partial dentures without metal

  • Implants can be used to further stabilize dentures

  • Relining available for comfort and functionality

  • Repairs and relines done while you wait

  • A 3D x-ray to visualize EXACTLY where the implant should go

  • 3D optical scan to visualize EXACTLY where the tooth should go

  • Manufacture of 3D surgical guide to place the implant EXACTLY where it should go


  • Can be completed in a single visit

  • Mimic the appearance of natural teeth

  • Preferred among many patients and dental professionals

  • Can replace the metallic look of silver fillings